World’s Coolest Reviews: Zombie Tramp Origins #2

World’s Coolest Reviews: Zombie Tramp Origins #2



Janey’s long strange trip from sexy escort to even sexier zombie continues this week with the release of ZOMBIE TRAMP ORIGINS #2 from Action Labs Entertainment.  Creator Dan Mendoza is slowly introducing Janey to her new reality.  She is a rare gift, a member of the living dead that has retained her soul.  The abnormality has drawn the attention of Xula the Voodoo Queen, and that is the kind of attention Janey can deal without.  While Xula does help her learn the nature of her new body and powers it seems that it will come at a price eventually.  For now Xula guides her towards her thirst for revenge and that means tearing though Mama George and the rest of her girls.

The pulp hit that is Zombie Tramp rolls right along in this raucous issue full of blood, babes, and brains.  Having lived in the world of Zombie Tramp for as long as readers have over the years this look to how it all began is a fun one.  Janey is disoriented and has no real idea how her powers work or even what she truly is.  Her only guide in this new life is Xula and even from the beginning we can tell there is something very not right about her.  Mendoza writes a very different character in this origin story, one that is more similar to a brain dead zombie than the kick ass Zombie Tramp we all know and love.  The evolution is happening right before our eyes and when she finally goes into kick ass mode it definitely put a smile on my face.  His outstanding art continues as the world he images is fleshed out is a super stylish and grind house fashion.  ZOMBIE TRAMP ORIGINS is a must read for any fans of the main series.

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