World’s Coolest Reviews: Zombie Tramp Origins #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Zombie Tramp Origins #1



Find out how it all started for the world’s sexiest zombie in ZOMBIE TRAMP ORIGINS #1 from Action Lab Entertainment.  Written and drawn by Dan Mendoza the Zombie Trap books from Action Labs Danger Zone line have always been fun and lighthearted romps that are in on their own joke and fully self aware of the titillation and low brow humor they present.  This series starts all the way back when heroine Janey Belle was operating as a high class escort for the Hollywood elite.  Times were good, the company was pleasant, and Janey was still alive.  When Madame George got busted a dirty cop gave her one chance to get out of it, to trade her freedom for one night with the hottest escort in town… Janey herself.  Reluctantly Janey agrees only to find that this officers desires were worse than anything she had seen on the streets.  Chained in his basement was what was left of his son, a zombie with a desire for women of the night.  Janey’s fate was sealed while across town a far more menacing figure was calling to the undead.

I enjoy the hell out of the Zombie Tramp books and think that more people would pick them up if they knew they were leaned further towards the satirical side of things as opposed to just pure exploitation and sex appeal.  Janey is an instantly lovable heroine who is a genuinely good person who ends up in the worst situations.  Every character is an over exaggerated stereotype from the sleazy pimp, to the Hollywood pretty boy, to the manacle Queen of the Dead.  That mixed with the cartoon style pencils created a surreal world in which the reader can enjoy a fun story without being overly focused on the rather extreme proportions of the protagonist.  The writing is solid, the humor is great, and I love the art.  Fans of Zombie Tramp or the Danger Zone line should definitely be picking this book up and this is the PERFECT time for anyone who has not tried Zombie Tramp before to pick up an issue and see if you like it, I think you will if you give it a chance.

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