World’s Coolest Reviews: Zombie Tramp #37 & #38

World's Coolest Reviews: Zombie Tramp #37 & #38


ZOMBIE TRAMP #37 & #38

It’s time to catch up on the latest story arc with a look at ZOMBIE TRAMP #37 and #38 from Action Labs Comics.  Author Dan Mendoza has come full circle with the ZOMBIE TRAMP ongoing title and this Voodoo Vixen Death Match story arc brings back Xula, the Voodoo priestess who was responsible for turning Janey into a zombie in the first place as seen in ZOMBIE TRAMP ORIGINS.  In her first return to L.A. and her old life Janey has a moment to reflect on all that has happened to her.  With her guard down Xula turns on her and the fight is on.  It is revealed that Xula has been preparing Janey for this role for her entire life.  In service to the Kaiju Queen, Xula was the one who magically enchanted the zombie that initially bit Janey so that she would be imbued with powers above all other living dead while retaining her consciousness.  Janey had become the very weapon The Kaiju Queen needs and the revelation that every thing that has happened to her has lead her to this one moment might be more than even she can handle.

ZOMBIE TRAMP began life as a collection of stand alone mini series and has now entered this ongoing second phase along with ZOMBIE TRAMP ORIGINS and even ties in with the rest of the Danger Doll Squad.  The world Dan Mendoza built is growing and this story arc brings a bunch of loose ends back together in a sexy little bow.  The timing is perfect as one week you can read about the incident that made Janey who she is and then the next you can see the ramifications of that event and the larger picture at play.  The writing for Janey is really good making her a tough kick ass super zombie while at the same time allowing a few quiet moments for the read to empathize with her over the life she lost.  Furthermore Janey learns that the woman who she thought was looking out for her had indeed been manipulating her over the course of her entire life.  All of this comes down to a fantastic fight that spreads over two issues complete with plenty of flash backs and perfectly corny super hero fight banter and exposition.

Art duties are split over these two books with Dan Mendoza providing pencils for issue #37 and Celor drawing issue #38.  The Mendoza art is that which all fans of this series know and love.  A heavy does of over sexuality while still maintaining a sense of humor and an awesome cartoonish style.  Celor’s work changes things up a bit with a style more typical to mainstream comic book art.  That being said it still has the sex appeal needed for this title while bringing the proportions down just a bit.  His issue features the majority of the throw down between Janey and Xula and the change it art works very well for the action.  His work has a greater sense of movement which allows for a nice flow from panel to panel as these two death queens battle it out.  If you are a fan of ZOMBIE TRAMP but have not been on board for the ongoing series since the start this is a great arc to start on.  It ties in beautifully with the origin series and these first two issues feature amazing work from two very talented artists.

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