World’s Coolest Reviews: Wonder Woman / Conan #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Wonder Woman / Conan #1



Two of the greatest warriors from fiction collide in WONDER WOMAN/CONAN #1 from DC Comics.  Superstar creator Gail Simone has taken on the challenge of bringing these two titans of literature together and her opening issue does a great job of laying the foundation for the story to come.  Set in Aquilonia this story begins with a stolen glance from Conan’s youth, a tender moment with a young woman who would leave an impact on the warrior for years to come.  Fast forward to adulthood and Conan is drawn to the city of Shamar wherein the local fighting pits have a new attraction, a fierce female fighter with no real memory of who she is.  Believing she is Yanna, the girl from his childhood, Conan breaks into the pits to free her only to be set upon by the local guards.  They meeting is short lived as the slaver has plans for these two champions of war.

When first announced a cross over between Wonder Woman and Conan seemed like a really far fetched idea but after reading Gail Simone’s first issue it is clear she had a vision for this project and it is a great one.  Firstly the story is set in the world of Conan with Diana being the outsider, that simple but necessary step completely removes the rest of the DC Universe which consists of characters that would not fit the tone of this book.  Secondly the cliche of having the two characters fight when they first meet each other is avoided.  Instead Simone has thrown a curve ball by having Conan assume Diana is this long lost love from his past.  All of these factors together make for a enjoyable read that breaks the mold of publisher cross overs in the best way possible.  There is real mystery in this story as to how Diana got here, why can’t she remember who she is, and is she this Yanna that Conan seems to think she is.

Pencils from Aaron Lopresti are beautiful to look at and he has an amazing style for drawing Wonder Woman.  In this strange land devoid of her usual attire there is clever use of costume to retain the signature look of the character.  Clad in nothing but rags and covered in filth Lopresti uses strategic tears in the fabric to create the illusion of her classic look and even uses mud and dirt to hint at her classic stars and W logo on her chest.  Beyond the character work the action and backgrounds are equally impressive rounding out a stellar art package from start to finish.  WONDER WOMAN/CONAN #1 is off to an incredibly strong start that bucks that standard trend of publisher cross over titles and leaves enough questions to bring readers back for issue #2.

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