World’s Coolest Reviews: Weapons of Mutant Destruction Alpha #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Weapons of Mutant Destruction Alpha #1



The clandestine Weapon X program is back in WEAPONS OF MUTANT DESTRUCTION ALPHA #1 from Marvel Comics.  Writer Greg Pak brings together the odd pairing of Marvel’s most savage mutant team and Amadeus Cho to confront William Stryker and his latest plan to rid the world of mutants.  Old man Logan and his team of killers have been hunted by a new breed of anti mutant killing machines.  Disguised as Humans these new creations give no warning as to their true nature until it is too late.  With Amadeus Cho on the case the group finally has a lead and the truth is worse than just another mutant killing robot.  Young men and women are voluntarily subjecting themselves to be turned into cyborg monsters under the misguided religious teachings of Revered Stryker.  Long absent from the Marvel Universe, Stryker is back and this time he has an entire top secret production facility to help him in his quest to rid the world of God’s mistake.

Greg Pak is a veteran writer for Marvel Comics who has penned some of the best Hulk stories of recent memory but this kickoff to a mini crossover event fell rather flat.  Bringing the Uncanny X-Force team back together was a nice touch and really had me amped up when I first dove into this issue but it did not hold my interest by the end.  All the elements are there for a kick ass comic book story but I never felt that it came together.  Underground science facilities, religious manipulation of the weak minded, and a ruthless team of mutants ready to do what must be done all are great ingredients for a story but it never coalesced into a story that grabbed me.  I think I wanted off the wild ride when the main action sequence of the book involved Marvel’s most deadly killer mutants facing off against robot cats.  The art by Mahmud Asrar is competent but nothing that elevated the book above its rather mediocre storytelling.  In the end I came away with the feeling that this title had amazing potential that feels rather wasted.  This is a event kick off one shot that can be continued in Weapon X #5 and Totally Awesome Hulk #20.

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