World’s Coolest Reviews: Vampblade #6

World's Coolest Reviews: Vampblade #6



The Danger Zone heroines are beginning to come together for their epic team up event in VAMPBLADE #6 from Action Lab Comics.  The last time we saw Katie author Jason Martin has stranded her in another dimension, seemingly the home of the power that fuels the blades and gives them consciousness.  Her escape was set in motion by the arrival of Janey, better known as the Zombie Tramp.  Katie has information Janey needs and like two good comic book heroes they attack each other in a bout of furious action and rather funny dialogue.  Janey explains that their foes have begun to team up against them.  The vampire like Glarkains have a hold of Janey’s Necronomicon, that combined with some new tech from a couple of horny nerds has changed the playing field drastically.  Neither Vampblade nor Zombie Tramp can stand up to this power on their own, and they might just need the help of one more heroine who proves that big trouble can come in small packages… literally.

Everything I am reading all of the Action Lab Danger Zone line continues to be endlessly fun and fully self aware of its campy and sexy nature.  If you can get on board for that I think you will definitely enjoy these titles, especially VAMPBLADE.  Jason Martin knows exactly who his audience is and his character is even in on the joke.  As a former comic book store employee Katie’s character gets a free pass for nerd references and fourth wall breaking jokes that would normally make a reader roll their eyes.  In this setting though they just work because every page is as over the top as the main character.  The fight with Zombie Tramp was a blast to read, its like the older sister trying to calm down her slightly psychotic sibling.  If Katie could just stop chopping up people long enough to listen Janey could get through her exposition, but then again that would not be nearly as fun.  The build up to the Danger Doll Squad is in full effect and the editorial work on the book gives readers good reference points for issues they might have missed as well as filling in the gaps from the other two solo titles that lead into the event.

Marco Maccagni’s pencil work remains frantic and stylish.  His style focuses less on the sex appeal and more on the chaotic action inherent to his main character.  The fight with Janey was beautifully drawn and the action moved amazingly well from panel to panel and page to page.  The zero issue for Danger Doll Squad is already out and the first issue of the main series is right around the corner so be sure to pick up VAMPBLADE #6 as well as the most recent issues of DOLLFACE and ZOMBIE TRAMP so that you are all caught up and ready to roll.  This series is consistently fun to read with endlessly entertaining art.  It is simply one of the easiest books to recommend to any readers looking for a light book that will be easy on the eyes and even pack a few laughs.

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