World’s Coolest Reviews: Vampblade #5

World's Coolest Reviews: Vampblade #5



The truth of the blades is revealed in VAMPBLADE #5 from Action Lab Entertainment.  Creator Jason Martin has literally thrown Katie into the fire after her seeming sacrifice at the end of issue #4.  The beginning of the ‘Swept Away’ story arc finds our heroine stripped of her blades in what seems to be the vampires home dimension.  After meeting the living incarnation of the blades and regaining her powers she is teleported back to Earth to resume what we assume is the true meaning of the blades, to feed…

VAMPBLADE is ridiculous and over the top but that is part of what makes it special.  Never one to take itself too seriously and always in on its own joke the book continues to be entertaining every time I crack it open.  Jason Martin digs slightly deeper this issue by teasing the back story of the blades and what exactly is the strange un-Earthly power that Katie has adopted.  All her knowledge was based on the comic book about the blades themselves but never was their a mention of this ephemeral creature and what its connection to her is.  Could it be that all this killing is just to serve this creatures appetite?  This new story arc seems like it will add a nice layer of depth to VAMPBLADES inherent campy nature and that is a welcome development.

The art from Marco Maccagni remains entertainingly consistent and fun.  Its bombastic and in your face which is a perfect fit for the tone of this series.  I do love his take on Zombie Tramp who makes a special guest appearance to interrogate a few nerds that might know of Katie’s whereabouts.  VAMPBLADE #5 marks the start of a new arc that will hopefully tell us more about this strange weapon and its thirst for extra dimensional vampires.  Just typing out that sentence makes me laugh which is exactly what this book does best, be sure to read it after the most depressing Image title in your comic stack!

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