World’s Coolest Reviews: There’s Nothing There #4

World's Coolest Reviews: There's Nothing There #4



Reno’s desire to remain visible goes too far in THERE’S NOTHING THERE #4 from Black Mask Studios.  Author Patrick Kindlon continues to weave his narrative about a young celebrity who has become enraptured against her will in the occult.  Between stalkers, followers, jealous ex-boyfriends, and the supernatural she has more attention that she needs but even that is not enough.  To keep herself in the news and the talk of the town Reno live streams a sexual encounter that results in all eyes being on her.  Meanwhile the perpetrators of the summoning that set these events in motion are beginning to realize they have kidnapped the wrong woman and true threat makes his presence known with a bang.

Patrick Kindlon has firmly established a talent for weaving modern social media trends into his narrative.  The entire world of Instagram and Youtube celebrities is faithfully recreated in this title including all the good and the bad that goes with it.  The idea of centering a comic around literally living your life in the public eye is fascinating and Kindlon captures its perfectly.  With that said the rest of the story is suffering at its expense.  The side plot of the supernatural summoning is almost completely lost in issue #4 as are the side characters and their respective exploits.  With the end of the story arc in sight I hope that issue #5 refocuses and brings the drifting elements together as it drives to a conclusion.

On a brighter note the art from Maria Llovet is outstanding.  Her style is best described as haunting and the clever use of overlays for the social media aspects of the story really sell the idea that the main character is living in a fantasy world of her own creation.  THERE’S NOTHING THERE #4 definitely feels like a bit of a stumble in the narrative but the story is still interesting and Reno is one hell of a train wreck of a main character.


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