World’s Coolest Reviews” There’s Nothing There #2

World's Coolest Reviews" There's Nothing There #2



Celebrity culture runs into the world of the supernatural in THERE’S NOTHING THERE #2 from Black Mask Studios.  Written by Patrick Kindlon the second entry in this series continues to follow young celebutant Reno and her descent into madness and tabloid stardom.  Ever since being dragged to a strange cult like party Reno has been seeing and conversing with ghosts.  As one would image this has put her on edge and caused some strange behavior, behavior that has garnered her the kind of paparazzi attention that nobody wants.  As if visions of the afterlife and trending on twitter were not bad enough Reno is now in the sights of the group that originally held the ceremony.  She has what they want and it could cost her more than bad headlines.

Kindlon and Llovet have come together to give us a comic that seems to enjoy riding the line between creepy and ridiculous.  They seem to have a good line on just how silly and superficial celebrity culture is and they revel in its sarcastic portrayal.  As soon as Reno begins to react to the oddities that have suddenly surrounded her the tabloid act like sharks with blood in the water.  Rumor mongering and invasion of privacy seem to be the go to plan when a young star shows the slightest hint of weakness.  On the flip side is the eerie nature surround the way in which these spirits have attached themselves to Reno.  Is she some kind of magnet to the other side or has she just been granted the ability to see what was already there?  I have no idea but the larger game at play is starting to become more clear with the cult that performed the original rights tracking down Reno as if she took something from them.

Maria Llovet collaborated on story elements but her contributions on art are flat out amazing.  This is a beautiful book drawn with loose pencils that absolutely oozes with style.  Characters are expressive and backgrounds are rich with detail.  This stylized approach is not one that always sits well with me as a comic book fan but it works perfectly here.  Black Mask Studios is putting out some great comics that not enough people are paying attention to so please check this book out.  The first two issues should be easily available on store shelves and second printings can always be ordered.

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