World’s Coolest Reviews: The Unsound #1

World's Coolest Reviews: The Unsound #1



Cullen Bunn and Boom Studios take readers into the depths of the asylum in THE UNSOUND #1. Ashli Granger is starting her first day at her new job as a nurse at the Saint Cascia Mental Institution. Asylums of this type were closed in the 80’s but now this one in particular has reopened. Overpopulated and understaffed it is a nightmare of over prescription and negligent practice. What Ashli encounters is one strange and creepy occurrence after another until in culminates in the scare of her life. Things are not quite right in this place and the 400 insane patients are just the tip of the iceberg.

Were I to put THE UNSOUND #1 into one word it would be unsettling. Cullen Bunn has written a comic that is undeniably creepy from start to finish with the only real horror or shock being the final page cliffhanger. Even from the beginning wherein the reader observers Ashli’s routine walk to work we are met with the fact that the world is full of people who are just a little bit crazy. They are all around us from the old lady with twenty cats to the homeless man on the corner ranting about the coming rapture. Bunn fills the asylum not full of insane stereotypes but rather those who are just off enough to be dangerous. Add to that a pill popping administrator and a crazy man who was living in the asylum alone before it reopened and you have all the ingredients for a scary psychological thriller.

The art from Jack T. Cole features loose pencils and it is definitely his own style. Not cartooning yet still different from what most associate with standard comic book art. His background is in horror books so his work here is a perfect fit. The characters are just off enough and when things turn dark and disturbing his style truly shines. THE UNSOUND #1 is a good, if creepy, read that will find a home with readers who are fans of horror and disturbing imagery. Cullen Bunn is on a roll lately with really creative stories coming from Aftershock and Boom and this series looks to be another winner.

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