World’s Coolest Reviews: The Normals #3

World's Coolest Reviews: The Normals #3



As if finding out your entire life was a lie was not enough THE NORMALS #3 from Aftershock Comics twists the knife of that revelation even harder in this weeks issue.  Writer Adam Glass has spent the first two issues completely dismantling the life of Jack and his family.  An innocent injury to his son spiraled out of control resulting in the discovery that his entire family are automatons carrying out a set program.  To the Westing Corporation they are test products, nothing more… but Jack will not stand for that and he now has been given the power to unlock complete free will in not only his family but all one hundred androids scattered around the country.  A man whose life was completely stolen now has new purpose yet once reunited with those he loves he is faced with yet another horrifying truth.

I think the phrase “No Way!” entered my mind at least three times in this issue and to me that is always a good sign.  Adam Glass has kept me on my toes and the final page of this issue might as well have knocked me right off my feet.  One might think Glass has something against his main character the way he keeps kicking him when he is down but I think he is setting him up for a triumphant victory of those who have betrayed him.  THE NORMALS could not be a more apt title for this book because Jack as a character wants nothing more than a return to the status quo.  He was living the American dream and withing 48 short hours he has become an experiment on the run.  Glass excels at making that feeling palpable, even uncomfortable for the reader which is why this book works so well.

Dennis Calero delivers clean pencils but suffers from inconsistency in character depictions and flow from panel to panel.  There were just a few too many times in this issue that I could not tell who was who and in what direction the action was flowing.  The script was strong enough to save the story from suffering but I hope the quality of the art increases over the next few issues.  I like this book, I like the very human story Adam Glass is telling about a group of robots, and I continue to be impressed by the quality of work Aftershock Comics is publishing.

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