World’s Coolest Reviews: Thanos Vol. 1 ‘Thanos Returns’

World's Coolest Reviews: Thanos Vol. 1 'Thanos Returns'


THANOS Vol.1: Thanos Returns

The big bad of the Marvel Universe is back in THANOS Vol.1 ‘Thanos Returns’ from Jeff Lemire and Mike Deodato Jr.  After the events of Infinity Thanos lay defeated and his armies disbanded, now his return to power is not working out as well as he planned.  After defeating a rebellious Corvus Glaive Thanos learns of a harsh truth, he is dying and no matter how many he kills the end in inevitable.  Meanwhile his son Thane is out to regain the power he once had with Lady Death at his side.  These two comic power houses tear through the Shi’ar Imperial Guard and the armies of Terrax before finally confronting one another, but only one can walk away alive.

I think one of the hardest things for a writer to do in comics is to pen a tale about a villain and make him sympathetic but Jeff Lemire has pulled it off with style.  The point is repeatedly made in this book that Thanos is THE most evil creature in the universe, yet at the end of the six issue arc I genuinely felt bad for him and wanted to see him triumph.  Lemire tells the tale of the old powerhouse who is on his last legs fighting to regain what he once had while the young usurper is nipping at his heels.  Not only that but Thane has stolen the one thing Thanos covets most, and that is Lady Death herself.  The cast is rounded out by digging up some characters from the Marvel cosmic universe that we have not seen in a while like Tryco Slatterus and Starfox and some that are very much in the now such as Nebula.  In the end it all boils down to father and son and whether or not Thanes new found source of power can be contained.  Is the quest for revenge worth the cost of letting the Phoenix Force free?

Mike Deodato Jr.’s art has always been some of the best and this volume is no exception.  Thanos is huge and menacing in every panel.  He looms over his opponents with an awesome sense of scale and that feeds the plot thread of a monstrous giant who still looks imposing even though his enemies can sense his weakness.  I loved this story and found it gripping from start to finish.  The plot never slows down as the individual narratives surrounding Thanos and Thane build up as they move closer to one another until the ultimate confrontation.  Thanos Returns is a very good follow up to his exploits in Infinity and it also serves to keep the villain in the front of people’s minds as the next Avengers movie seeks to deal with the cosmic threat he poses to that universe.

THANOS Vol.1 ‘Thanos Returns’ is a must buy for any Marvel fan and it can be found at World’s Coolest Comics for $17.99.

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