World’s Coolest Reviews: Sword Quest #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Sword Quest #1



Take a deep dive into old school video game nostalgia this week with the release of SWORD QUEST #1 from Dynamite Entertainment.  Written by Chad Bowers and Chris Sims of recent X-Men ’92 fame this new series tackles the hard task of creating a story around a game property that had little to none.  Three friends have reunited over their love for old Atari video games and the mysterious sword that they supposedly won in a contest.  However this elusive prop turns out to be far more real than anyone anticipated and the three of them will find their world turned upside down by its power.

I cannot imagine how hard it must be to craft a narrative out of thin air around a 30 year old video game with giant blocks for graphics and only 3 colors but Chad Bowers and Chris Sims have done just that.  Blending the real and the surreal works for this title and have created a genuine mystery that to my own surprise has me very interested in issue number two to see where this all goes.  The nostalgia for Atari hits me right in the sweet spot as the Atari 7600 was my first video game console and I remember being amazed at all the games.  SWORD QUEST #1 does not only rely on nostalgia, there is some real human interaction woven into the story about three best friends who have been separated by life and the crazy turns it can take.

The art by Ghostwriter X is not nearly as exciting as the artists name but it serves the comic well and tells a competent story.  There is nothing really that sets it apart from the pack but at the same time it does not detract from the words or bring the book down in any way.  SWORD QUEST #1 is a unique book that will live or die based on how issue #2 plays out.  The heavy does of nostalgia can only take it so far and while this issue laid the ground work for an interesting tale the real test is whether or not a gripping story can be told that ties a real world mystical artifact to a 30 year old video game.

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