World’s Coolest Reviews: Star Wars Screaming Citadel #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Star Wars Screaming Citadel #1



With exception of a few hiccups the Star Wars line from Marvel Comics has been nothing short of outstanding.  This week sees the release of STAR WARS: SCREAMING CITADEL #1, a one shot issue that begins a crossover between the main Star Wars comic and Doctor Aphra.  Author Kieron Gillen continues his great work on the Star Wars comics and brings what I think is the best new Star Wars character into an adventure with Luke Skywalker.  Dr. Aphra has a Jedi personality trapped in a crystal and Luke Skywalker is a padawan without a master.  It does not take these two long to agree that they need each other despite the mutual distrust.  The Queen of the Screaming Citadel holds court once a year and those who attend seek to bring her the one thing that will captivate her attention.  Aphra knows that Luke, being one of the last would be Jedi, will definitely earn her favor with the Queen and as payment she will help Luke unlock the long dead Jedi Master that can help him on his journey through the force.

I absolutely love Dr. Aphra as a character and I think Kieron Gillen love to write her.  She feels like a very grey character stuck in the black and white world of Star Wars morality.  This is even referenced in this issue when Luke refers to her as “Evil”.  She instantly dismisses the notion stating that she merely worked for Darth Vader as a contact, that she has not side in this fight other than her own.  She is a spunky, clever, cute, smart, and determined character with ever shifting alliances and motivations which makes her a breath of fresh air in the Star Wars universe.  This setup for this one shot is solid and moves the plot along for both the Dr. Aphra solo series as well as the main Star Wars comic.  I am looking forward to the continuing issues in the separate series to see how this wildcard character plays off the main cast.  We saw her interactions with Vader and the Empire, now it is time to see how well she can get along with the Rebellion.

Gillens prowess is well known but the art from Marco Checchetto really blew me away.  This book is beautiful to look at with fantastic character designs and backdrops.  His style reflects very clean pencils with thin inks.  The movie characters look like their real life actors, this mixed with a cavalcade of new characters and creatures results in a book that is very easy on the eyes.  I am a Star Wars dork through and through so I am all about this book and I think any fans that are currently reading the Star Wars comics from Marvel should pick up this one shot.  If you like Dr. Aphra please make sure to check out her solo series, it is Star Wars meets Indiana Jones and its great.  For those who might not be this one shot is a great jumping on point for both books as no real for-knowledge is needed to enjoy the story.



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