World’s Coolest Reviews: Star Wars Captain Phasma #2

World's Coolest Reviews: Star Wars Captain Phasma #2



The journey to The Last Jedi continues in STAR WARS: CAPTAIN PHASMA #2 from Marvel Comics.  Kelly Thompson picks up where we left off with the ever stoic Captain Phasma in hot pursuit of Rivas, the one person who could out her involvement in the fall of Starkiller base.  The chase leads to the inhospitable planet Luprora wherein Rivas has been captured by a hostile aquatic population that has all but wiped out a more modern terrestrial species.  Abandoning their First Order armor Phasma and her pilot make uneasy terms with the locals to lead them to where Rivas is being held.  It turns out that her quest to put an end to her would be betrayer could be more difficult than she bargained for.

Kelly Thompson has absolutely nailed the cold and calculating tone of Captain Phasma.  Like Boba Fett before her Phasma is a character that fans have latched onto even while knowing little to nothing about her.  She had few lines, little action, and never removed her helmet but her design and her ruthless nature made her an instant hit.  Two issues in to her own story we are learning slightly more but she still remains clouded in mystery.  Even when donning a new appearance we never get to see her face but we do get to see her in action and it is great.  She remains steadfast and by the numbers even when being attacked by some crazy Kraken like monster.  She allows no personal connections with the one soul who has been shanghaied into her quest to protect her secret even going so far as to refuse to give her a name, instead relying on calling her by her role… simply “Pilot”.  Thompson does give us one small and slight hint at the rough past Phasma must have led but she still keeps the truth hidden.  As the Star Wars prequels have shown sometimes keeping a character shrouded in mystery is better than showing how they came to be so it will be interesting to see how much is revealed over the course of this mini series.

The art from Marco Checchetto is incredibly strong.  Phasma is imposing and larger than life in her First Order armor and cape.  That visual presence continues when the characters alter their appearance to blend in with Phasma still cleverly hidden behind a mask.  We will get to see her face in this series at all?  Only time will tell.  The majority of the Marvel Star Wars titles have been a highlight of comic book talent in both words and pencils and STAR WARS: CAPTAIN PHASMA #2 is no different.  So far this has been a great look at an interesting character that has been careful to not reveal too much and destroy the air of mystery that surrounds her.  For fans eagerly awaiting The Last Jedi I think this mini series is a must buy so be sure to check it out.  We still have issues #1 and #2 on the shelf at World’s Coolest Comics for anyone who has missed out and wants to jump on.

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