World’s Coolest Reviews: Star Wars Captain Phasma #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Star Wars Captain Phasma #1



The build up to Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in full swing and it starts this week with STAR WARS: CAPTAIN PHASMA #1 from Mavel Comics.  Author Kelly Thompson has been tasked with figuring out exactly how Captain Phasma made it out of the trash compactor and off Starkiller base before it was destroyed by the Resistance.  In a clever use of visual storytelling Thompson narrates Phasma’s escape as if it were her official log but the fact in the log are not the events taking place on the ground.  To avoid humiliation and reprimand for her actions Phasma falsifies her log and implicates an underling as the one responsible for bringing down the shields on the base.  Events in motion spiral out of control and her patsy attempts to flee leaving Phasma in pursuit off the planet via a TIE fighter as the issue closes.

This is one of those tie in comics that really feels like a necessity.  Fans last saw Phasma locked in a trash compactor just before the planet was destroyed and then next we see her in the trailer for The Last Jedi.  How did she escape and get off planet?  Kelly Thompson knows and the first issue is beyond clever.  Using the fake log juxtaposed to the reality of the situation is sheer brilliance.  Of course Phasma could not admit to being the one who dropped the shield and the best way to deflect attention is to blame someone else and then kill that person to make sure the truth dies with them.  A special note must also be made in just how well Thompson writes with the voice of Phasma herself.  That cold affect-less speech pattern is in full effect and I swear I could here Gwendoline Christie’s voice in my ears as I read the issue.

Marco Checchetto provides screen accurate art but he did get off easy with only have to draw one face in the entire issue.  The pencils are incredibly sharp and the chaotic nature of the movie finale is faithfully recreated on the page with some nice panel work and coloring that displays the mayhem in all its glory.  STAR WARS: CAPTAIN PHASMA is a story that needs to be told and it is in good hands with Kelly Thompson.  The voice and personality, or lack there of, for Captain Phasma is captured extremely well and I am eagerly looking forward to issue number two to see how her journey leads her into the next feature film.


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