World’s Coolest Reviews: Star Trek the Next Generation Mirror Broken #3

World's Coolest Reviews: Star Trek the Next Generation Mirror Broken #3



The bid to steal the I.S.S. Enterprise commences in STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION: MIRROR BROKEN #3 from IDW Publishing.  Authors David and Scott Tipton seem like they are having a blast using all the Next Generation cast and side characters in their mirror universe story about the creation of the first Dreadnought of the Empire, the Enterprise.  With the pieces in motion and the plan set Captain Picard and his group of revels are poised to steal the most powerful ship in the fleet and use it to re-establish Terran domination.  All they have to do is board the ship and subdue Captain Jellico and those loyal to him.  Being the noted ass that he is there are few on the ship willing to stand in front of a phaser for Jellico and the take over goes smoothly.  Now Picard can unleash the power of the Enterprise on the races that oppose them.

The Tipton brothers have delivered a mirror universe story for the one Star Trek series that missed the boat on evil versions of your favorite characters.  Not only that, they have the entire toy box of Next Generation characters to play with and they are taking full advantage of that fact.  In this issue we get to see Captain Jellico meet a much deserved demise after he treats his mirror universe crew in much the same way as he treated the Enterprise crew in the episode of the series in which he was given command of the ship.  Not only that but evil Wesley Crusher might be the best thing that ever happened to Star Trek.  This comic is pure fan service and gives readers everything we ever wanted from a Next Generation mirror universe story as well as filling in the gap between the height of the Terran Empire in The Original Series and its collapse in Deep Space Nine.

A real stand out of this series is the almost photo-realistic art of J.K. Woodward.  All the cast and all the side characters are spot on accurate and that realism works perfectly with the painterly style of the art.  Expert coloring and spot on detail in the ship renderings rounds out a comic that is incredibly pleasing to the eye.  Star Trek in comics can be hit or miss and while I have enjoyed some of the stories over the years nothing comes close to the exceptional level of talent and creativity found in STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION: MIRROR BROKEN.  Not only is the setting a first in all of Trek for this crew but the authors have captured the voices of the cast perfectly and the art is amazing.  This is a must read for all fans of Star Trek so if you are missing out pick up the first few issues or pre-order the trade paper back at World’s Coolest Comics.