World’s Coolest Reviews: Star Trek The Next Generation Mirror Broken #2

World's Coolest Reviews: Star Trek The Next Generation Mirror Broken #2



One of the best Mirror Universe stories across all Star Trek mediums continues this week with STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION: MIRROR BROKEN #2 from IDW Publishing.  Writers Scott and David Tipton have keyed in on the best aspect of alternate reality stories which is to see characters we are familiar with and then subvert our expectations by reinventing them.  Picard’s quest to steal the new I.S.S. Enterprise continues but he will need help to do it and the authors pull some great guest characters out of The Next Generation lore to accomplish that goal.  Leah Brahms, Edward Jellico, and goold ole Lt. Leland T. Lynch all make an appearance as the pieces move into place to steal the most powerful warship in the Empire.  However none of it matters unless Picard can convince the first officer of the Enterprise to go along with his plan, but this version of Will Riker would rather discuss matters with his fists.

As a huge Star Trek fan I know that the various comics that are published can be hit or miss but this series is by far the most entertaining one I have read.  Normally writers are criticized or praised when writing comics based on existing series but in this case it is their ability to surprise us with new interpretations that makes it so compelling.  This Picard is a fighter, Troi is far more devious and competent, and La Forge can actually score with women instead of always being rejected.  The plot thread to steal the Enterprise is front and center but the true enjoyment is in these new characterizations.  This comic feels like the writers have a true love for the source material and it reads like they are having a blast subverting expectations and digging deep into Star Trek canon for references and side characters.

As good as the writing is the art might be even better.  J.K. Woodward has a painterly art style and an uncanny knack of capturing the likeness of the actors and environments from the television show. The emotion and facial ticks are really a sight to behold as is the action.  The fight scene between Picard and Riker is so well done is it like you can feel the impact and the tension.  STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION: MIRROR BROKEN is absolutely fantastic and anyone who is a fan of the television show should really be reading this comic.  The Next Generation never got its chance for a Mirror Universe episode and this comic is delivering on that missed opportunity in spades.


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