World’s Coolest Reviews: Secret Weapons #4

World's Coolest Reviews: Secret Weapons #4



Author Eric Heisserer wraps up his tale of the pisots who slipped through the cracks in SECRET WEAPONS #4 from Valiant Comics.  With things and their worst and Livewire captured by The Scavenger it is up to Nikki, Owen, and Avichal to come together and rescue their wayward leader.  That is easier said that done considering their uniquely useless power sets.  In a super villain expository rant of epic proportions The Scavenger reveals that he is literally feeding psiots to the creature Rex-0 in order to amplify his power and use him as a weapon against H.A.R.D. Corps.  The psiot arms race is heating up since the collapse of the Harbinger program and these young children have found themselves on the front lines.  When pushed to the extreme Nikki and her compatriots rise above their own preconceived limitations and learn they are move powerful than they ever imagined.

As SECRET WEAPONS concludes I remain steadfast in my statement that it is the best X-men book being published at this time.  The triumph of three young psiots cast out by society over those who would seek to use their powers for ill or wipe them out just because of who they are can be directly linked to some of the best mutant stories from Marvel over the years.  In only four short issues Nikki, Owen, and Avichal have each grown as characters and overcame their own internalized short comings.  As the issue closes we get to see that their powers might not be as limited as even they think they are.  Perhaps the only thing needed is for each of them to think outside the box and try to use their gifts in ways they never thought possible.

The pencils from Raul Allen remain beautiful from start to finish.  His panel work and layouts are really impressive as he uses different styles of breaking up the page throughout the entire series.  There is one page in this issue in which Allen uses the vertical space to its full potential as he displays an action sequence from three different perspectives simultaneously without the use of an extra narration.  It is simply brilliant.  Thankfully this is not the end for SECRET WEAPONS as a special zero issue is due to release in January that will lead into Harbinger Wars 2.  This mini series has been fantastic and we are looking forward to Eric Heisserer’s return to Valiant Comics in the coming months.

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