World’s Coolest Reviews: Secret Weapons #3

World's Coolest Reviews: Secret Weapons #3



The best X-men book on the stands not titled X-men continues to impress with SECRET WEAPONS #3 from Valiant Comics.  The Valiant universe is as deep and varied as any other in comics and Eric Heisserer has tapped into that vein of the forgotten children with unremarkable powers that fall through the cracks.  Livewire and her small team are fractured.  As she pours through the web for the answers behind The Scavenger and his psiot hunting muscle Rex-O, Nikki and Owen are off to rescue their reluctant friend Avi from being exposed.  His desire to remain hidden in the normal world implodes on itself when he is outed as a psiot.  He escapes bullying and bigotry on his own but cannot fend off the militarized anti-psiot forces without help from his fellow Willows outcasts.  Meanwhile Livewire is closing in on the mysterious Scavenger, but she is not alone.

This book is so good and I hope people are starting to take notice.  The scale is small which has allowed the author to keep the relationships very real and personable.  All of these characters are extremely down to Earth with power sets to match and they are all in way over their heads.  I am constantly making allusions to The X-men in my reviews and it is for a good reason.  These are the stories that the X-men have been missing.  The personal story of those who are different being ostracized from their own communities, individuals whose own families have turned against them just because they are different.  With all that is going on in the world today and especially in this country these are the kind of stories that really resonate and hit home.  This issue even features a government sanctioned anti-psiot robot tank, it is less scifi than a giant sentinel robot but the theme remains the same.

The art from Raul Allen is as consistent as it is good.  The panel movement is simple but effective and moves the story along at a quick pace that never feels bogged down.  The individual character art is just sublime and features fluid action and a wide range of emotions.  With Marvel Comics in a rut and DC characters being larger than life Valiant has stepped into the void and delivered some really amazing stories with SECRET WEAPONS and X-O MANOWAR at the top of the list.  Come on down to World’s Coolest Comics and give these new titles a shot, I think you will be impressed.

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