World’s Coolest Reviews: Secret Weapons #2

World's Coolest Reviews: Secret Weapons #2



The saga of the forgotten and unwanted continues this week with the release of SECRET WEAPONS #2 from Valiant Comics.  The script from Eric Heisserer finds our intrepid group of Harada rejects trying to track down more pisots that were present at The Willows.  Unlike their newly famous and world renowned counter parts who display a wide array of powers these individuals have little to no control over their special abilities and even the ones who can control them show no prowess for combat.  Still hunted by the alien Rex-O Livewire, Nikki, and Owen track down Avichal Malakar, another young pisot with a rather limited power set.  His ability to turn to stone on command can save his life but the immobile state in which it leaves him does not translate well to the battlefield.  Having escaped Rex-O yet again, this time without casualties, Livewire reaches out to track down The Scavenger, an individual who has left a trail of bread crumbs in cyberspace that connect him to Rex-O.  But who is he and what is his obsession with pisots the world has left behind?

There is someone about rooting for the underdog that everyone likes and Eric Heisserer has tapped into that in SECRET WEAPONS #2.  I said it with issue #1 and I will say it again, the X-men vibe I am getting off this book is great and very welcome especially since the real X titles from Marvel have been floundering for a few years now.  These psiots are young and vulnerable with powers that put them at a disadvantage in a fight yet still they stick up for each other and march into danger to defend themselves and the innocents that are in harms way.  Watching Nikki Finch try to fend off an alien monster with a flock of pigeons brings back that imagery of Jubilee throwing fireworks at a sentinel.  Both are completely ineffectual but the heart and the fight is in both of them and it makes for a fantastic story.  A small group, on the run, grossly outgunned who has to stick together like family just to survive… those are the key ingredients for a gripping story making SECRET WEAPONS one of my favorite books Valiant has published.  Its nice to have someone to root for again.

The art team of Raul Allen and Patricia Martin impresses again with great pencils and fun character designs.  They are not setting a new trend with crazy panel layouts but the art is consistent and every page is nice to look at.  SECRET WEAPONS is a good jumping on point for fans interested in what Valiant Comics has to offer.  The cast is small and the scale is even smaller.  A short rundown of events up to this point on any wiki page will tell you all you need to know and there is only one carry over character with a past, everything else is brand new.  This is definitely a book for everyone whether you are a Valiant fan already, someone who is interested in getting into Valiant Comics, or a disgruntled X-men fan like myself just looking for a group of underdogs to root for.

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