World’s Coolest Reviews: Secret Empire Uprising #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Secret Empire Uprising #1



Event correlations are often more miss than hit, but Marvel Comics’ SECRET EMPIRE UPRISING #1 looks to break that trend.  Written by Derek Landy, this issue takes place directly after Secret Empire #3. It focuses on the characters Black Widow and the Champions.  The young heroes might be all that stands in the way of Hydra world domination, but do they have the strength to operate in the moral grey area to do what must be done?  Under the tutelage of Natasha, the Champions are attempting to infiltrate Hydra and take down Captain America himself, via the groups’ youth choir.  When things do not go as planned, the team is met with a startling realization about what exactly they are trying to save.

This particular propinquity holds relevance because of who the protagonists are and what they are trying to achieve.  Landy is taking the youngest and most optimistic group of heroes Marvel offers, and giving them the darkest and most morally objectionable task – to kill Captain America.  The dynamic between the trained killer Natasha and the doe eyed Champions, is fun to read. Watching the reality of a grey world slowly set in is rather sobering.  One scene in particular sets the tone for this comic. Spider-man breaks from cover and announces to the collected children that this is a break out and the Champions will free them from Hydra.  This ‘heroic’ act is met with nothing but derision and contempt from the assembled youth who view Hydra as a strong hand America needed, while looking upon the Champions as traitors.  

Solid if not spectacular, the artwork by Joshua Cassara, rounds out the title creating the tie in for Secret Empire that readers need to pay attention to.  SECRET EMPIRE UPRISING #1 is not required reading for the big event, but it is surprisingly a good read. I would recommend it to anyone that is enjoying Secret Empire so far.

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