World’s Coolest Reviews: Secret Empire #6

World's Coolest Reviews: Secret Empire #6



The Hulk is on the loose in SECRET EMPIRE #6 from Marvel Comics.  Nick Spencer is at it again with another issue full of drama, tension, and high stakes storytelling.  The conflict between Hydra and the underground heroes reaches its climax as Captain America leads an assault against The Mount.  Meanwhile the young heroes in Black Widow’s Red Room are having a crisis of conscience and Wilson Fisk continues his campaign of good will in a trapped New York City hoping to reap the benefits when the city is finally free.  Everything comes to a stand still as the Hulk attacks.  His fury and rage cannot be contained by Banner as he strikes out at those who have done him harm in the past.  When all seems lost with Captain America standing over him Tony Stark plays his final card amidst a heart felt apology to his former friend.

Six issues in and I am still on the edge of my seat with this event book, and not just with the main story.  The Black Widow side story is solid as well with some real soul searching going on from both her and the young heroes regarding what to do when faced with two bad decisions.  Her hard stance on doing what must be done and their desire to not take a life are at odds.  How that will play out in the end and what ramifications it will have further down the line is one of the most intriguing aspects of SECRET EMPIRE.  There is also the dream/hell sequence with the true Steve Rogers and Red Skull, what this really is remains to be seen but it seems the true Cap is locked away in this space as he faces off with his greatest foe.  The script is strong from cover to cover and has been since the start of the series.  Unlike Civil War II this event feels like it has more to say about what it means to be a hero and, as with the Hulk, how the choices heroes make can come back to haunt them.

The art from Leinil Francis Yu is really strong, he draws one of the best angry Hulks I have seen on the page.  The dream sequence art from Rod Reis works extremely well as it is soft and the light color pallet contrast with the rest of the art featured in the main story.  The dichotomy between the two of them helps sell the difference between Hydra Cap and the true Steve Rogers.  There is not much more to say other than the fact that SECRET EMPIRE continue to impress and prove that there is no real event fatigue from comic book fans, only the desire to read good stories.

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