World’s Coolest Reviews: Secret Empire #3

World's Coolest Reviews: Secret Empire #3



Hydra’s attempt to control the world marches on in SECRET EMPIRE #3, which was released this week from Marvel Comics.  Nick Spencer continues to weave the best Marvel event in recent years. Captain America closes his grip even tighter on the United States and the world.  The hunt for the cosmic cube fragment turns to war as Hydra directly attacks Atlantis in search of the first artifact.  The gloves are now off as Steve Rogers steers Hydra towards world conquest, while the heroes trapped on the outside of Earth’s force field are left without aid against the unyielding Chitauri.  Meanwhile, lines are being blurred as heroes are forced to question their values in the face of certain defeat.

I cannot remember the last time I felt such tension in a comic book event.  We all know how these big crossovers play out in the end. Nick Spencer has found a way to make the odds seem truly insurmountable.  I feel all the more that the deck is completely stacked against the heroes. This sentiment being capped off by a genuinely funny scene in which Peter Quill approaches the leaders of the Galactic forces to request aid.  Apparently, Earth does not have the best reputation in the cosmos as we learn of it’s vulnerability, and that the powers to be choose to attack instead of sending help.  This issue is more hype than action, but still remains gripping. The moral quandary of how far one should go to win, and whether or not the younger heroes are up to the task, will keep readers enthralled.  

Not only is the story continuing to set new standards for event books, but the artwork by Andrea Sorrentino is completely off the charts.  Beautiful characters that breath emotion with every panel against an intricately detailed background, make this one of the best looking books on the shelf today.  Coupled with the amazing use of panels and colors to highlight threat and emotion, this book is something you should take in slowly to really appreciate all it has to offer. Secret Empire is kicking butt, and I am loving it. If by any chance you are not on the train yet, time to jump on!  The ending is a smash with an amazing reveal! SPOILER ALERT for all that have not read this series yet!

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