World’s Coolest Reviews: Secret Empire #10

World's Coolest Reviews: Secret Empire #10



It is finally here!  SECRET EMPIRE #10 from Marvel Comics marks the end of over two years of work from Nick Spencer and the highly controversial decision to re-imagine Steve Rogers and a sleeper Hydra agent.  With the power of the cosmic cube at this hands Hydra Cap is seemingly unstoppable.  In a last ditch effort Sam Wilson reaches out to Kobik who still resides inside the cube itself.  With her last effort she manages to summon forth the true Steve Rogers in what has got to be one of the most amazing comic book pages to be printed this year.  What ensues is a fight for the ages that is too good to spoil with a description.

As a conclusion this issue lands on so many levels.  Nick Spencer has been working on this story for years and his final redemption of Captain America is awesome.  The timely nature of the story almost makes it seem like Spencer could see into the future when his run first started.  Our country is harshly divided and Cap facing off against Hydra Cap is a symbolic image of what he have the capacity to be and what our worst fears can allow us to become.  There is some real check pumping Marvel love found in this issue and it just reiterates my feeling that SECRET EMPIRE has been the best event book to come out of Marvel in a very long time.  There are also some ties to the current Generations titles involving the Vanishing Point and the lead up to Marvel Legacy, that includes some major spoilers so if you are done reading SECRET EMPIRE #10 head on over here and you can dive deeper in to what it all means.

Steve McNiven returns for art and his depiction of Captain America standing their in his classic costume going one on one with a cosmic cube powered Hydra Cap is simply stunning.  That one splash page will bring a huge smile to the face of every Marvel Comic fan on the planet.  This series was so good and I am glad it closed out this story line with a bang.  Steve Rogers is back in the classic Red, White, and Blue and the rest of the Marvel heroes learning about the legacy they represent.  Of course you should pick this book up and for anyone who has not been reading this series make sure you grab the inevitable hardcover when it comes out because this is an event people will be talking about for years to come.

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