World’s Coolest Reviews: Samaritan #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Samaritan #1


Season 3 of the Edenverse continues with the release of SAMARITAN #1 from Image Comics.  Written by Matt Hawkins, this new series focuses on Sam, aka, the hacker known as Samaritan, after the events of Eden’s Fall.  Sam has gone off the grid in search of a peaceful life following the death of her boyfriend James Miller.  This escape from reality is interrupted when Sam learns that Owen McKitrick has become President of the United States.  She knows he is guilty of false terrorist attacks on the United States, but she cannot prove it legally.  Sam turns to the dark web and mercs for hire to carry out a plan to finance her operation, and bring down the most powerful man in the world.

The entire Edenverse is an interconnected series of books that take place in a very real world setting.  Previous series include Think Tank, Postal, The Tithe, and Eden’s Fall.  Hawkins take a very somber look at our nation and the corruption of church and politics and uses that to fuel a series of books about spies, hackers, underground movements, and religious exploitation.  With our current political climate the way it is, some readers looking for escapism might find this issue hitting a little too close to home. Regardless, I still think it is fantastical enough to be a fun read.  Sam is an interesting character and her relationships have been well established in the previous volumes of the Edenverse. Don’t let that stop you from jumping in at this point in the story.  SAMARITAN #1 is easily accessible to new readers with some helpful narration and editors tips woven into the script.  I have dabbled in the previous volumes but I have not read any to completion, and never once did I feel lost.

Pencils by Atilio Rojo are really solid with clean lines and some great character art.  The coloring and processing has a look that makes it seem overly digital, but not enough to detract from the overall presentation.  This series of books from the Top Cow label are all really solid, and have built up an interesting and connected world over the last few years.  Free of capes and cowls, this is all about government, corruption, and taking a stand against amazing odds.  SAMARITAN #1 is another solid and entertaining entry to the Edenverse, and fans that have been along for the ride should definitely be picking up this newest addition.  If you read this review and are interested in the world as a whole, I would recommend starting with Eden’s Fall or The Tithe. Both of these are 4-5 issue contained stories available in a single issue or trade paperback. They both are great comics on their own that directly tie into the characters and events of SAMARITAN #1.

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