World’s Coolest Reviews: Sacred Creatures #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Sacred Creatures #1



Dark forces long silent are beginning to move in the shadows.  SACRED CREATURES #1 from Image comics gives readers a look at how the lives of innocents are destroyed when myth and reality collide.  Created by Klaus Janson of Dark Knight Returns fame and Pablo Raimondi this over sized first issue is big on raising questions and very small on giving any answers.  Josh Miller is a young college student and a father to be.  He has his own host of issues but nothing that approaches the level of extraordinary trouble he is about to get into.  All it takes is one touch from a mysterious woman and his life completely unravels.  Before he knows it the other members of this ancient family approach him, all with the intention to use him for some arcane ritual yet to unfold.  Within a week his entire life has fallen apart, there is a dead angel in the penthouse, and Josh is holding the stone murder weapon with no idea what is going on or how to get himself out of the trouble he is in.

I love a good cold open and SACRED CREATRUES #1 really pushes that idea to its most extreme at over 60 pages while still offering very little to clue the reader in as to what is going on.  Janson and Raimondi spend almost the entirely of this over sized issue torturing the reader as we watch Josh completely spiral out of control while still desperately attempting to do what is right for himself and his young family to be.  There is just enough truth sprinkled in to keep the pace moving forward as we watch this car wreck is slow motion and I must say that it is a pretty epic wreck to watch.  In then end we are left with a distraught young man, a super powered priest, a dead angel, and a dark and twisted family behind everything that has been going wrong.  I have so many questions and the book provides nothing but the slightest glimpse of an answer, but that is fine because there is one hell of a story being told.

Pablo Raimondi fills out the issue with solid visuals and large panels that allow the story to move along at a break neck pace.  There is a plethora of characters to meet and each one stands out visually allowing the reader to focus on the spiraling escalation of events as opposed to flipping back and forth trying to figure out who is who.  I think this issues lives or dies on it forward momentum and the art is there to help in a good way.  I did find it odd that many of the faces reminded me of famous actors as if they were being photo referenced but that could just be my imagination.  In any case it does not distract from the overall package.  SACRED CREATURES #1 is a very entertaining start to a crazy story and I will definitely be sticking around to see just what in the hell is going on.  At over 60 pages you are getting your moneys worth at $4.99 so don’t miss out on this seminal first issue still available on the shelf at World’s Coolest Comics!

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