World’s Coolest Reviews: Robotech #2

World's Coolest Reviews: Robotech #2



The SDF1 runs into major technical malfunctions in ROBOTECH #2 from Titan Comics.  Brian Wood is doing a brilliant job riding that fine between a reboot and a re-imagining of a classic property.  After the initial surprise attack from the Zentradi Earth is reeling.  Rick Hunter and Lynn Minmei barely escaped an encounter with the giant humanoid aliens only to be caught up in the space fold of the SDF1 super fortress.  Using this new technology Captain Henry Gloval attempted to jump the ship just beyond the moon in hopes of a counter attack, only to find themselves re-emerging beyond the Kuiper Belt beyond Pluto.  With the entire Robotech fleet out of reach the Zentradi decimate the remaining Earth defenses.  Now Captain Gloval and his crew must race back to a defenseless Earth while Hunter and Minmei attempt to find their way through the bowels of the massive ship.

ROBOTECH #2 cemented the fact that Brian Wood is writing a comic that is more of a modernization of the classic cartoon than a reboot.  The plot is right in line with the original series so far while still feeling modern.  The threads of the story remain without the dated slow plodding of the original narrative.  That era of animation from Japan was dense with long pauses and still frames and Brian Wood has accomplished in two issues what the original series took almost three episodes to cover.  The quickening of the pace is matched by the gigantic step forwarding in writing.  Every character is well written with a definite edge to them.  Even Minmei, by far the weakest and most cringe inducing character from the original series, is given her time to shine and no longer rambles like a lost child.  The entire tone of the book creates the feeling that the situation for Earth is really quite dire and that the Zentradi are a definite force to be reckoned with.

Another aspect of this title that really shines in its modernization is the art from Marco Turini.  The designs for Macross, and thus Robotech, have always been amazing but to see them rendered in modern comic book art from such a talented artist is really a sight to behold.  The Veritech fighters look awesome and powerful with an attention to detail animation could not touch.  Not only that but the characters themselves are allowed to emote in a way that could never have been done in the old animation style of the original.  I absolutely loved Robotech as a child when it aired on TV and I think this re-telling of the story with modern flourishes is nothing short of amazing.  The adherence to the original narrative is appreciated, the dialogue and storytelling is appropriately updated, and the art is flat out fantastic.  If you have fond memories of the cartoon then you definitely need to pick this book up.  If you have any love for anime or space opera science fiction, even if you have never heard of Robotech, this is the book for you.  ROBOTECH #2 impresses on all levels so get down to World’s Coolest Comics and add it to your pull list!

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