World’s Coolest Reviews: Regression #4

World's Coolest Reviews: Regression #4



Adrian loses complete control and spirals into madness in REGRESSION $4 from Image Comics.  Cullen Bunn has slowly been pushing Adrian toward the edge of sanity for three issues and now the damn has finally burst.  The evil soul within him that has been gaining more and more control since his trip into his past lives is now awake and out to destroy everything Adrian holds dear.  Molly fights back against this deranged lunatic and finally brings Adrian’s consciousness back via a strong blow to the head.  Now the two must come up with a plan on how to stop this from happening again.  Adrian is already responsible for two murders so they cannot go the police and they cannot go back to the original hypnotist because he is one of the victims.  Desperate times call for desperate measures and the pair take off to find Molly’s old friend Carmen, another with experience in past lives who might be able to help… if she can survive.

Not all horror needs to involve a monster and not all monsters look like a raging beast from the Pit.  Cullen Bunn opens this issue with a truly horrific attack as Adrian attempts to murder his close friend.  Well, not Adrian per say but the dark soul inside him.  In either case the fear from Molly’s character is all too read as she does all she can to fend off her impending death at the hands of what looks like, on the surface at least, her close friend.  Those first few pages and frenetic and full of chaos.  Its an excellent opening that raises the stakes for all involved.  As things slow down Bunn plants a few hints at the larger story at play, not just what is happening to Adrian but why and who is the group behind it.  REGRESSION seems more focused not on visual fear, monsters, and just scares but rather the sense of impending fear and loosing ones mind.  As the issue closes and Adrian is slipping into a hypnotic state he is truly afraid of what he will find in his subconscious and if the last page is any indication, he should be.

Four issues into the series and Danny Luckert continues to impress with his art.  He creates a world that is just off enough to be unsettling to the reader.  Crisp and clean pencils combined with some dark and disturbing dream sequences make for a powerful visual experience that feels like a perfect match for the script.  REGRESSION is a very solid title that I am thoroughly enjoying I would recommend to anyone looking for a book on the darker side of things.  If you read and enjoyed the recently released REDLANDS and you have not tried REGRESSION yet you should definitely pick it up from the start.

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