World’s Coolest Reviews: Regression #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Regression #1



Past lives can cause more than disturbing dreams in REGRESSION #1 from Image Comics.  Writer Cullen Bunn takes readers on a dark path through the eyes of Adrian, a young man who is suffering from nightmares and hallucinations.  A trip to a hypnotherapist reveals horrors from a past life could be causing these visions but Adrian is not exactly one to believe in such nonsense.  When visions and nightmares become terrifying reality Adrian begins to question his beliefs.  

Cullen Bunn is a well known writer across superhero comics but this is a nice trip into the darker side of his imagination.  The idea of past lives infringing on present is a cool idea for a story and the end of the first issue hinges on a huge cliffhanger that will no doubt bring readers back for issue number two.  The comic moves at a quick pace which is good but little ground is covered in the process.  By the end of the issue we know nothing about our protagonist other than his haunting visions and possible issues from his past self.  A little bit more substance to get readers invested in the character would have been nice but on the whole it is still an intriguing and creepy start to a new series.

The art from Danny Luckert is very well done with the unnamed horror of the comic being especially disturbing.  Every time the crazy old man is on the page it is unsettling in the best way.  His style also allows for great emotional reads off his characters and I always like that in a comic.  When the art allows characters to show real emotion through the eyes or subtle facial motions it allows the writer to focus more on story and less on hand holding the audience.  REGRESSION #1 is a solid start with a creepy vibe that I would recommend to any comic book fans who enjoy the darker side of publishers like Image, Vertigo, and Action Labs.  It is not without its flaws but it still hooked me for issue number two.


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