World’s Coolest Reviews: Redneck #6

World's Coolest Reviews: Redneck #6



This awesome tale of family, loss, and sacrifice concludes it’s first arc is REDNECK #6 from Image Comics.  Donny Cates has really outdone himself with a brilliant story that seems rather absurd on the surface but holds so much more meaning when you really get into it.  Trying to wrap up the final issue without spoiling everything is difficult so I will be spare with my description.  With the Bowman family pushed up against a wall, literally and figuratively, they must react drastically to their quickly deteriorating situation.  The fight with the Landry’s has cost both sides dearly and the betrayal by one of their own has torn them apart.  As they attempt to move on questions must be asked about what comes next and who deserves to come along.

I cannot sing the praises of this series enough.  If six months ago you would have told me that one of my most anticipated reads in my comic stack was a book about redneck vampires in East Texas I would have thought you were insane.  Now that the first arc is over REDNECK will be sorely missed from my comic pile until it returns in a few short months with a new story arc.  The Vampire angle to this book is just set dressing.  It is the vehicle that moves the plot forward and sets the stage but the real meat of the title is the individual characters and how they deal with not only the hardships presented in these six issues but also the trials over their unnaturally long lives.  Themes of hatred, mistrust, loyalty, and long lost superiority abound in REDNECK and it is these everlasting bastions of storytelling that make the book such a good read.  Solid character development and well timed cliffhangers have propelled the title from the first issue to the close of the story arc at a brisk pace that never lets up and will read exceptionally well in trade format.

Pencil work from Lisandro Estherren never missed a stride the entire series and continues to impress from issue to issue.  There is some real drama and dynamic action captured on the page in this finale and it really shows just how talented Estherren is.  REDNECK #6 marks the end of our first journey with the Bowman family but it will not be our last.  Check back in a few months to see what we thought of issue #7 but for now any readers should definitely pick up the first six issues or check out the upcoming collected volume.

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