World’s Coolest Reviews: Redneck #5

World's Coolest Reviews: Redneck #5



The story arc nears its conclusion as the Bowman’s and Father Landry have their final confrontation in REDNECK #5 from Image Comics.  Donny Cates has been building to the reveal of how Slap died since the story opened.  As J.V. and Father Landry, now one of the undead thanks to the boys, have their long overdue fight Bartlett steps in with the news that he finally knows the truth.  The mystery behind who killed Slap is what set this entire story in motion, a story that has seen death and destruction come to both the Landry’s and the Bowman’s.  The true killer is a spoiler too awesome to give away in a review but please trust me when I say that I never saw it coming and it could not be a more perfect culprit.

The idea of a comic book about Texas hillbilly vampires and small town family feuds seemed like such a strange concept when this book was first announced but it has slowly become one of my most anticipated reads every week it comes out.  The characters are grounded in such a way that their supernatural nature is almost forgotten while reading, only to come rearing back to the forefront of the narrative at the most opportune moments.  The resolution of the long feud comes to a heart wrenching conclusion as Father Landry himself is turned into a Vampire.  All that hate he has festered for years is now directed inwards.  Even his own cross lights aflame while still around his neck as a result of his fall.  The pressure to hide the truth of the family from the government outweighs the generations old vendetta as J.V. and Bartlett must come to grips with the fact that Landry is now one of them and needs protection.  All of this revolves around the truth of what happened that one fateful night and as I stated before the payoff is amazing.

Lisandro Estherren remains a consistent force on the art.  This issue more than the others really shows of some amazing talent.  We get anger, sorrow, acceptance, and a final page that is filled with so much rage that it might be the best art done on the series to date.  If you have not picked up REDNECK #5 yet make sure you get down to World’s Coolest Comics and grab a copy off the shelf.  We still have issues #1-#4 as well so you can get caught up on one shot but those back issues are limited and we only have a few left.  This is a fantastic comic book and I am loving the story Cates and Estherren have been telling.

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