World’s Coolest Reviews: Redlands #4

World's Coolest Reviews: Redlands #4



A beautifully drawn and well written comic just went from interesting to flat out amazing with REDLANDS #4 from Image Comics.  Jordie Bellaire has spent three issues slowly laying the ground work for a group of witches that have taken over the small backwoods town of Redlands, FL.  The death of the serial killer and possible whistle blower Redbrant coincided with a terrible injury to one of the sisters, Bridget. Her near death experience has shown a light on the cracks in their circle and this issue takes the time to look at each one of them with a bit more scrutiny.  Every one has monsters in their closet but these three are hiding secrets far more sinister than anyone ever imagined.

There is so much to unpack in this issue but to delve too deeply would ruin surprises that I genuinely did not see coming as a reader and would want to preserve for others.  Just know that things change drastically and all is not as is appears.  The sisters might have a bond but they are still human at their core and thus have human frailties and faults.  The script from Bellaire is so good as it navigates the morally gray area in which these characters exist.  Only four issues in and there is already a real attachment to these women and a real sense of empathy despite the rather heinous acts they have committed.

Let us not forget the pencils from Vanesa Del Rey which are superb.  Her sketchy style along with subdued colors really sets a tone for this book that just makes it feel appropriately creepy.  In this issue especially her ability to convey mood and mental state without dialogue is unmatched.  REDLANDS is a great horror title and one of the better books on the shelf from Image Comics at this time.  World’s Coolest Comics has some second printing of issue #1 still on the shelf so if you are interested at all make sure you come on down and check it out.

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