World’s Coolest Reviews: Predator Hunters #3

World's Coolest Reviews: Predator Hunters #3



The action finally gets rolling in PREDATOR: HUNTERS #3 from Dark Horse Comics and proves once and for all that if it bleeds you can kill it.  Written by Chris Warner this issue finds our team of alien hunters arriving at the small island where the Predator’s have been hunting.  For two issues we have seen and been told of the prowess of this group and their unique experience in being survivors of previous hunts themselves.  Now their mental bravery and adapted technology will be put to the test.  Whether on Earth or not the jungle is the Predator’s territory and hunting down the hunters will be no easy task.  Upon arrival a single Predator is found and quickly dispatched but it was too easy.  Where was his technology? Why was he armed with only a spear? And who is the captive he was holding?  The tension has reached its climax and there might be more hiding on this island than our group of human hunters bargained for.

The writing for this series has been great from the start but it is nice to finally get to the action.  Chris Warner has brought together an interesting group of heroic survivors and narcissistic assholes to combat the alien threat and the fact that they do not work well as a team makes it all the more interesting.  The introduction of this strange Predator with no technology is an appreciated twist in what could have been a run of mill “get the bad guy” conclusion to this series.  Where are his armor and weapons?  Why was he alone? And if its true that was was not alone and there are indeed more of them on the island when why was this particular Predator left without all his fancy toys?  These are all questions that a fan of the lore like me  is dying to find out.  The writing continues to be engaging and has successfully ended each issue with a hanging thread driving me towards the next.

I have said it before but I find the greatest strength of the art to be he amazing design of the Predator’s themselves.  Francisco Ruiz Velasco impresses with his pencils on all fronts but as a reader who has seen various Predator designs in movies and comics for almost 30 years these are some of the most unique I have come across.  I think it is safe to say that readers picking up this title are already fans of the Predator world in all its various incarnations and I really think this is one of the best story lines to find its way to store shelves in quite a while.  The premise is new, the characters are fun, and the design elements are incredible.

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