World’s Coolest Reviews: Predator Hunters #2

World's Coolest Reviews: Predator Hunters #2



The story of serious role reversal continues in PREDATOR HUNTERS #2 from Dark Horse Comics.  Chris Warner continues writing the much needed mix up to the Predator franchise in which a team of humans who have all had experience with the alien menace have come together to proactively put down Predator hunts on Earth.  This issue begins with the introduction of Mandy Graves, a fierce woman who suffered a debilitating injury at the hands of Predator she bested in combat.  Now that the team is set it is time to gear up with stolen alien weapons and stalk their prey.  

With over 30 years of Predator comic book stories out there it is hard to find a fresh take on the material but Chris Warner has done just that.  In fact he builds off those stories by bringing back old characters that survived their encounter with the Predators and now they are going to use leftover Predator weapons to even out the fight.  Mixed in with this slow build up to a confrontation is a slight glimpse into some rather unexpected Predator behaviour.  Why is the alien keeping prisoners and does he know what is coming for him?  These dangling plot threads are what keep me coming back to this new series more than any of the recent cross overs with the Alien franchise.  

The pencils from Fancisco Ruiz Velasco looks good but they do suffer from being a little flat.  While his human characters might leave a little to be desired his Predator designs are off the charts.  There are some really great looking hunters in this comic featuring design elements not seen before in this franchise.  PREDATOR HUNTERS #2 is a solid second issue that builds on the original story presented when it started.  Things are heating up and it looks like issue #3 will have the confrontation fans have been looking for.

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