World’s Coolest Reviews: Pestilence #3

World's Coolest Reviews: Pestilence #3



The fight against the walking Black Death continues this week with the release of PESTILENCE #3 from Aftershock Comics.  Frank Tieri’s fast moving script finds the Fiat Lux on their way to Avignon, France to rescue the Pope from the undead horde.  As the series progresses we learn more about this group and what drives them including their religious motivations and reverence for the Church.  They have been bonded in fire by the violence of the Crusades and thus the mounting losses to their company weigh heavily on their souls.  The trip to Avignon is a success but getting back out of the city might not be so easy.  The undead seem to be learning.  Tactics, weapons, and group behavior all seem to be present in a group that was formally a mob of brainless monsters.  If there is coordination to their movements then who is the one controlling them?  And what does that mean for Roderick and his men?

The fast paced nature of this series serves it well as we move along into issue #3.  Frank Tieri keeps his foot on the gas and has not let up since the book started nor do I want him to.  The few quiet moments offer more to learn about the members of Fiat Lux including a flashback in this issue featuring their introduction to the Knights Templar while prisoners during the Crusades.  The characters, especially Geoffrey Anteil, are all larger than life and each stands out like individual class characters in D&D.  When all mixed together it makes for a fun group to root for and follow on their adventure.  The change in undead behavior is a nice twist on a familiar tale and it is that very twist that is starting to drive the plot forward toward its conclusion.

The artwork is detailed and dense.  Oleg Okunev has been putting out consistently break taking pencils since day one and they really shine with the new sense of scale featured in PESTILENCE #3.  As in the reveals of the zombie horde in The Walking Dead this issue features a closing cliff hanger page that shows the audience the small pockets of undead are a thing of the past and now they face a collected force.  This is a fun popcorn series that is not trying to be anything more than it is and I love it for that.  It is medieval knights and God versus zombies with a twist that has fun characters, great action, and solid art all the way thought.  PESTILENCE #3 is yet another good release from Aftershock Comics who are quickly making a name for themselves in the market of independent creator own titles.

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