World’s Coolest Reviews: Pestilence #2

World's Coolest Reviews: Pestilence #2



The scourge of the undead continue to haunt the men of the Fiat Lux in PESTILENCE #2 from Aftershock Comics.  Cullen Bunn continues his tale of a small band of knights of the church fighting off the true source of the Black Death, the rising undead hordes.  With one of their own infected Roderick Helms and his men press on to the Vatican to find the answers they seek.  Only when Howard finally turns do they realize the full gravity of their situation.  Upon their bloody arrival the group learns why they were summoned… the Pope is trapped and only the Fiat Lux can battle through the thousands of undead and bring him to safety.  

I had a very positive review of the first issue of Pestilence and I am glad to see the story progressing past its strong opening.  This slower second issue allows for some down time in which the reader can learn more about the individual members of this group and how they work together as a team.  The leader, the brains, the innocence of youth, the old warrior, and the assassin.  The characterizations are a little one note but they work well in a team dynamic and everyone gets time to shine.  The dialogue is sharp and the action is fierce and violent.  

Oleg Okunev continues to do an amazing job with the pencils on this title.  The member of Fiat Lux all have a totally unique style to them which means you never once have to guess who is who in the chaos of the action.  The backgrounds are rich and detailed and the amount of action on the page is a sight to behold.  I am really digging this book and I fear it is one most will pass over but please if you are reading this review stop in at World’s Coolest and check it out.  Frank Tieri might not be at the top of anyone’s list for his work at Marvel or DC but he is really getting a moment to shine with Pestilence.

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