World’s Coolest Reviews: Normandy Gold #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Normandy Gold #1


Pulp crime comics are few and far between these days but NORMANDY GOLD #1 from Titan Comics makes a good case for why we still need them around. Megan Abbott and Alison Gaylin come together to pen the story of Normandy Gold, a young woman with a rough childhood who has made a name for herself as the no hold barred sheriff of a small town in Oregon. A call from her sister ends in terror sending Normandy all the way to Washington DC to track down the man who killed her. Met with obstacles at every turn Normandy sets off on her own investigation into the under world of our nations capitol and its deep ties to prostitution and murder.

This was a really strong comic in a genre that is rarely seen. Unless monsters or demons show up in the second issue this series looks to unfold as a standard one woman against the system style story and there is nothing wrong with that. Using the 70’s as a time period works to further sell the pulp tone as well as surround the main character in a sea of socially acceptable sexism. Normandy herself is a well fleshed out protagonist who we learn an awful lot about in twenty two short pages. Her self narrated back story and the lengths she goes through to infiltrate the underworld really sell her as a tough as nails self made woman who is not going to back down for anything.

Steve Scott’s pencils are really clean with fantastic character renders. Everyone has a unique look and there is no point in this comic where the reader would not be able to recognize who is who. The only drawback to the art is a lack of backgrounds in many of the panels which removes a sense of place from most scenes. In the end I think this is a really strong title that most people will pass over as they scan the new release shelves. Anyone looking for a break from capes and the supernatural should really give NORMANDY GOLD #1 a second look because I think you will be impressed.

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