World’s Coolest Reviews: New Gods Special #1

World's Coolest Reviews: New Gods Special #1



One hundred years after his birth the Legacy of Jack Kirby lives on in NEW GODS SPECIAL #1 from DC Comics.  Writer Shane Davis takes the characters Kirby made famous and delivers a fantastic one shot set on New Genesis featuring a clash between the sons of Darkseid.  Kalibak is on New Genesis against his father’s wishes to ignite a fire pit and curry favor.  High Father has tasked Orion and Lightray to halt the process before it can slowly drain the planet of its power.  What ensues is an epic battle between Kalibak and Orion, brute strength versus cunning, emotion versus control.  As the fight wears on Orion beginning to shed is self control altering his appearance and his rage.  He is the true son of Darkseid whether he wants to admit it or not and that lineage comes with a heavy price.  A defeated Kalibak begs for death, far better to die on New Genesis than face Darkseid in failure but can Orion grant him his wish?  Just how much like his father is he?

NEW GODS SPECIAL #1 is an action packed book from cover to cover featuring characters out of Jack Kirby’s wild imagination.  Shane Davis takes this canvas and with laser focus distills it down to one core question… who is the rightful heir to Darkseid?  The strong willed son who was given up for adoption that buries his smoldering rage or the wild beast that is Kalibak, a creature born of pure power and a never ending drive to curry favor with this father?  Orion has always been an interesting character town between two worlds but this story showed a new side to him via a clever visual trick that showed his calm and stoic appearance slowly morph into one that resembles his father as his rage over came him.  Davis is also responsible for the pencils in this issue which pop off the page full of color and vast alien landscapes.  NEW GODS SPECIAL #1 is a simple comic at face value that is a blast to read and gave even a long time fan such as myself a little bit more of a glimpse into the person that is Orion.  The issue also includes a few reprinted pages from Kirby classics which are a treat to look at.  This issue is a celebration of one mans gigantic contributions to not only DC Comics but the medium in general, it is definitely worth your $4.99 so be sure to grab a copy next time you are at World’s Coolest Comics.

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