World’s Coolest Reviews: Mr. Miracle #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Mr. Miracle #1



Tom King has set out to reinvent comics yet again with the release of MR. MIRACLE #1 from DC Comics.  With the release of the twelve issue mini series The Vision last year King took an established character that was larger than life and grounded him firmly in small scale family and emotional turmoil.  Now he has turned his attention to Scott Free, AKA Mr. Miracle, and we can already see that trend of personal turmoil engulfing the life of a living god.  In what might be one of the boldest first pages in comic book history we meet Mr. Miracle on the floor of his bathroom bleeding out from self inflicted wounds.  Suicide is a dark place to start a story but it continues to go downhill for Scott as he is informed that Darkseid has the anti-life equation and is finally prepared to use it.  Now he and Barda must travel back to New Genesis to stop his adopted father while at the same time dealing with his own failing mental health.

This was a powerful issue and the start of what I assume will be a powerful series.  Tom King holds nothing back in a very raw and almost unsettling comic that takes on subjects like mental health and suicide without flinching.  Scott Free has always been portrayed as a rather upbeat character who has escaped a traumatic past having grown up in the slave pits of Apokolips.  King shows the reader that a lifetime of misery might not be so easily hidden behind a colorful costume and escape artist theatrics.  The connection to Barda is so heartwarming while being very subtle.  Even with very little dialogue between them it is shown to the reader how much Scott loves her and how much she cares for him.  From heartache as the news of his attempted suicide, to a couch cuddling embrace we can all relate to, to harsh words of truth she is the rock beside Mr. Miracle throughout this entire issue and I loved that aspect of the story.

This is my first introduction to Mitch Gerads and my god is his work impressive.  The emotion literally pours off the page from the characters facial expressions is a way I have rarely seen in comics.  As I mentioned above the subtle glances and gestures from Barda are truly a sight to behold as they convey more of the story between her an Scott than any words on the page.  The giant bright smile from the Mr. Miracle costume is a beautiful contrast to the dour and haggard look of Scott Free.  This combined with cool effects while Mr. Miracle is on a late night TV show and the never ending presence of Darkseid even though he is never shown on the page make this a tour de force of comic book art.  This issue fully lived up to the hype and is everything people have been looking forward to.  Do not miss out on this series!  There are tons of copies available on the shelf at World’s Coolest Comics so make sure you pick up issue #1 and then add Mr. Miracle to your pull list.

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