World’s Coolest Reviews: Mister Miracle #4

World's Coolest Reviews: Mister Miracle #4



Comic books do not get much better than MISTER MIRACLE #4 from DC Comics.  Tom King is writing one of the most grounded and emotional stories that I have consumed in any medium and he is using the crazy larger than life New Gods to do it.  Scott Free refused a direct order from Orion and thus has been marked a traitor to New Genesis and subject to trial.  With his narcissism in full effect Orion tasks himself as accuser, defender, and judge all in the name of determining if Mister Miracle is infect with the Anti-Life Equation.  The farce of a trial continues until an stunning emotional barrier is breached resulting in a sad and depressing look into the mind of Scott Free.

If they gave our Oscar Awards for individual performance in a comic book both Orion and Scott Free would have been nominated for their brilliant back and forth quest for truth in this issue.  The juxtaposition of having these larger than life figures in all their crazy costume outfits sitting in a small every day apartment is pure genius.  MISTER MIRACLE #4 is a pure distillation of emotion, truth, and painful self reflection.  The script is so simple but it is so efficient.  Page upon page of emotional true or false leads to answers too hard to face when asking ones self.  Tom King has written a comic that anyone with inner pain and turmoil can instantly relate to.

Pencils from Mitch Gerads are amazing.  I love the nine panel classic layout.  It works so well for this book because there is no need for a giant splash page of action, this is personal storytelling at its finest.  The outlandish costumes come to life with color against the start and bleak apartment setting and I think Gerads draws the best Big Barda I have ever seen.  She is powerful and confident next to the smaller and defeated Scott Free.  I love this book and it seems everyone else does as well so if you are not reading it you really should be.

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