World’s Coolest Reviews: Mister Miracle #2

World's Coolest Reviews: Mister Miracle #2



Darksied is MISTER MIRACLE #2 from DC Comics.  Lets not beat around the bush, this series is already one of the best comics of the year and Tom King is at the top of his game.  Scott Free and Big Bad Barda have returned to New Genesis to stave off the Apokolipse invasion.  This issue opens in an action packed montage of Mister Miracle rising above and beyond the call of the new Highfather Orion to defend his native home.  After a quite moment with Barda the two are called before the royal court and sent on a secret mission to murder their former tormentor Granny Goodness.  This mission proves to reveal more truths than Scott was willing to risk and throws his entire sense of right and wrong into flux.  Now Mister Miracle must decide for himself what is true and what DARKSIED IS.

Where to even start?  From the opening battle scenes, to the tender moment between Barda and Scott, to the the conflicted confrontation with Granny Goodness this entire issue is expertly crafted and full of palpable tension and emotion.  For those who might not know Scott Free has always been known as the son switched at birth to maintain peace between Apokolipse and New Genesis.  Scott was the son of Highfather who was sent to the slave pits of Apokolipse while Orion was Darksied’s son who was sent to New Genesis to flourish.  Now they meet again and the relationship has grown as cold as ice, there is nothing left but the desire to do what is right in the name of New Genesis.  To that end Scott and Barda are sent to assassinate Granny Goodness only to find out she plays a more cryptic role in the fate of the universe than one would suspect.  I do not want to give any more away suffice to say that readers will be met with their first full blown twist of what I feel will be an epic run on this series.  Tom King is the master of subversion and two issues into his new opus readers are made aware of that fact.

Lets take one last minute to speak about the amazing talent that is Mitch Gerads.  His art in this series is something that needs to be seen to be believed.  Everything about it is top notch from clean lives to raw emotion.  Not to creep but the scene in which Barda undresses after a long fight just might be one of the sexiest scenes in modern comics and there is barely any skin shown.  The implied desire Scott Free has for her fills more of the imagination than any bit of skin possibly could.  This series is a triumph of art and story telling and I don’t think there is a fan of DC Comics out there who does not have it on their pull list but in case the person reading this review is one of those rare few do yourself a favor and jump on this train of awesome before you get left behind.

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