World’s Coolest Reviews: Misfit City #2

World's Coolest Reviews: Misfit City #2



The comic book ode to The Goonies truffle-shuffles itself onto store shelves this week with MISFIT CITY #2 from Boom Box Studios. Kirsten Smith and Kurt Lustgarter pick up right were we left off with our intrepid group of young treasure hunters attempting to decipher the mysterious map they have found. Old libraries, cranky parents, and creepy old houses lay in their path but nothing can stop them from finding the hidden treasury of the famous pirate Black Mary.

This is one of those comics that will hit really hard for some and be completely lost on others. I am not really sure how Misfits would land on a reader who is not a huge Goonies fan but luckily I am and I will happily throw all objectivity out the window for a book that celebrates one of my favorite movies with such enthusiasm. The young girls are all great characters, each with their own quirks and oddities, just like the Mikey, Chunk, and Mouth. The adventure is a solid mix of finding clues and escaping bad guys all while the cool kids and school make fun of them, the comparisons are incredibly easy to draw but who cares when it’s this much fun.

The stylized art of Naomi Franquiz works well for this book, being exaggerated just enough to pull off the tongue in cheek vibe the book seems to be going for. MISFIT CITY #2 might not be the typical indie comic I fawn over but it hits hard with nostalgia and charm and I can’t help but smile from ear to ear while reading it. It is a mini series so any and all fans of The Goonies need to head on down to World’s Coolest Comics and pick up issue #1 if you missed it and make sure you put in your orders for the last few issues.

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