World’s Coolest Reviews: BOOM! Studios Misfit City #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Misfit City #1



Boom Studios is blatantly dipping into Goonies nostalgia with their first in a series, MISFIT CITY. The result is a fun story about four young girls living in a town made famous by an old movie.  Goonies was filmed in Cannon Beach, Oregon, which has become a go-to vacation spot for fans of the movie.  Kiwi Smith and Kurt Lustgarten have written a story in which ‘Gloomies’ was an old film about local kids on a treasure hunt that captured the hearts of moviegoers everywhere.  Now four young locals toiling away in a town only known for that movie, have stumbled across a real treasure map from the famous pirate Black Mary.  What began as a joke could lead to the greatest adventure of their lives.

I will be honest, I gravitated to this title strictly because I am one of those Goonies fans who has even traveled to Cannon Beach to see it for myself.  I love that movie and MISFITS #1 is a great little nostalgic comic that plays on my love for the source material.  The characters are all fun and different, the setup of the annoying tourists is great, and the idea of a meta comic about a classic movie sounded too good to pass up.  The art is solid while leaning towards the more cartoonish side, and the writing is fun and flows fast.  I freely admit that my bias is in full effect here, but if anyone reading this review is a fan of The Goonies, just do yourself a favor and pick up MISFIT CITY #1.


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