World’s Coolest Reviews: Marvel Legacy #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Marvel Legacy #1



The kick off to Marvel Comics latest soft relaunch is here with MARVEL LEGACY #1.  Jason Aaron has penned a mighty tome that covers millions of years and reaches from Earth to the edge of reality.  To attempt to summaries the events would be difficult with all the plot threats moving along, suffice to say the issue is designed to touch on the major players of the Marvel universe and how they deal with the legacy of their names we well as lay the ground work for future story lines.  By far the most intriguing has to be the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC.  Odin, Phoenix, Ghost Rider, Star Brand, Iron Fist, and Black Panther all work well as mantles that can be passed down through generations and seeing them in action against a celestial at the dawn of man was fantastic.  We also get glimpses into what Loki is up to regarding said celestial and how that does not bode well for Earth or its heroes.  And finally we get the confirmed return of a legendary Marvel character and a hint that a certain first family might be making a return.

This is a massive one shot featuring a variety of artist and story threads to follow and if anything that is its only flaw.  There is so much going on that there is little to no room to glue the disparate threads together into a cohesive narrative.  Instead it feels scattered, especially with the art changing for every each individual thread.  That being said, my god, the work of Esad Ribic and Steve McNiven really stands heads and shoulders above the rest and warrant the purchase of the book on their own.  While it may not be perfect MARVEL LEGACY #1 is the very definition of a must read.  This is the Rebirth issue for Marvel and their entire line hinges on the changes that are coming.  As a long time reader I truly do hope this book marks a return to core concepts and characters and an effort to refocus on individual title quality and less on universe spanning events.

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