World’s Coolest Reviews: Kull Eternal #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Kull Eternal #1



Robert E. Howard’s Kull The Warrior King has his adventures across time chronicled in IDW Publishing’s KULL ETERNAL #1.  Author Tom Waltz begins this new series in territory unfamiliar to those who have read Kull’s previous adventures, the modern day.  The Serpent Men are still on their unyielding mission to destroy mankind and Kull and his warriors best them in the barren wastes of Alaska.  The temple that they are fighting over has a past and Waltz uses that plot device to bridge the gap back to ancient times wherein Kull is a tired and complacent king.  Having won his battles and bested his enemies this survivor of Atlantis longs for new horizons and new conquests.  When a mysterious woman temps him with the tales of a wizard to can offer what he seeks Kull leaps at the opportunity.  His desire for adventure will lead him on a quest throughout time.

Tom Waltz clearly states in a letter to fans that he is a fan of Robert E. Howard’s work and that this new series was based off a one of his favorite Kull stories.  Kull Eternal will take the warrior through history in an epic fight against the Serpent Men.  Waltz has crafted this first issue in such a way that it is extremely friendly to those who might be new the character.  The cold open is an action packed seen that immediately sets the tone and voice of the character.  The return to the past in done in a way that chronicles Kull’s life and achievements up to the point in which we meet him as a King bereft of challenge.  As someone who knew of the character but nothing about him I found this introductory issue to engaging and and it definitely succeeded at piquing my interest for issue number two.  The idea of following this character through time is an intriguing one and Tom Waltz’ obvious love for the source material shines through his script.

Luca Pizzari delivers clean pencils and dynamic action.  The real tour de force in this issue is the sequence that chronicles Kull’s life.  There is so much story to tell in just a few panels and it is amazingly well done.  The art tells a story of its own which frees the script from needlessly wordy narration.  KULL ETERNAL #1 is a very solid start to a character I knew very little about before I opened the first page.  Waltz and Pizzari have come together to tell the start of a story across time and I think that both those familiar with him and those who are new should give this new Kull story a chance, I think you will enjoy it.

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