World’s Coolest Reviews: Kim & Kim Love is a Battlefield #2

World's Coolest Reviews: Kim & Kim Love is a Battlefield #2



Kim’s emotional trauma runs deep in KIM & KIM: LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD #2 from Black Mask Studios.  Writer Magdalene Visaggio pens the troubled tale of this duo as they wrestle with the repeated betrayal of Kim’s ex-girlfriend Laz.  Kim and Kim lost their prized vial when Laz manipulated Kim by using their past relationship against her.  As it turns out this has been a problem with them from the start and the other Kim is tired of seeing her friend being used and hurt on a repeated basis.  When an attempt to track Laz results in Kim failing to keep her priorities in line again the two Kim’s have an falling out that could end their friendship, and their partnership, forever.

Of all the comics I read on a weekly basis KIM & KIM: LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD has the most honest and blunt truths about love, loss, and betrayal.  Magdalene Visaggio is tapping into some raw emotions for this title and it comes through the dialogue beautifully.  When these two friends are going through is something that everyone has encountered at one point in their own lives and to see it translated so well to an out of this world setting is something special.  There are multiple points in this issue alone where I wanted to scream at Kim through the page to tell her to stop her self induced train wreck.

The package is rounded out by exceptional art from Eva Cabrera.  Her style leans towards cartoonish art which allows for greater facial expressions and thus sells the emotion of the characters even more.  I would not have thought I would be so wrapped up in these characters after only two issues but I totally am.  This book might not be for everyone but if you are looking for something different on the shelf, something that leans more towards real drama and conflict while still in a fun setting then pick up KIM & KIM: LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD.  I promise you will not be disappointed!

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