World’s Coolest Reviews: Kim and Kim Love is a Battlefield #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Kim and Kim Love is a Battlefield #1



Heartache to Heartache they stand in KIM AND KIM: LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD #1 from Black Mask Studios.  Magdalene Visaggio pens a story about two bounty hunters that deftly moves between funny banter and real emotional turmoil.  Kim and Kim are out for a payday in the last remaining city on the planet of Kestallan.  That might sound like a crazy scifi premise but the book is incredibly grounded in our world of today using the extraterrestrial backdrop as window dressing for the very human story being told.  With a successful capture and money in hand our two entrepreneurs decide to embrace the party atmosphere in Kinna City only to have the night go from bad to worse.  Kim D’s has a run in with her old girlfriend Laz and affairs of the heart tend to leave one vulnerable and easily taken advantage of.

KIM AND KIM: LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD #1 accomplishes so much in terms of story, tone, and emotion in one issue.  Magdalene Visaggio has tapped into something special and woven a story around two endearing characters set in a fantastical world while still remaining extremely human and real.  From the outset it is established that Kim and Kim have a bond beyond friendship.  From the antics of the opening scene to the emotional support in the close their relationship is quickly established as a closeness beyond sisters and it was genuinely heartwarming to read.  That is contrasted with the character of Laz who uses her connection as Kim D’s former girlfriend to emotionally manipulate and eventually steal from them everything they have worked for.  It is rare for me to have a comic book really tug at an emotional string but that is exactly what KIM AND KIM: LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD #1 did and I find myself still thinking it over in my head the day after I read it.

Eva Cabrera has a unique arts style that I really enjoyed and seems like a perfect fit for the script.  As I mentioned the emotions in this book move from comical to heavy and the cartoon style of overly emphatic bodies and faces allows a huge range of non-verbal queues for the reader to pick up on.  That mixed with the scifi setting and some bright colors that pop off the page result in a comic book that looks fantastic while not being overly busy.  I thought KIM AND KIM: LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD #1 was great and continues the seemingly endless stream of quality work coming from Black Mask Studios.

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