World’s Coolest Reviews: Justice League vs. Suicide Squad

World's Coolest Reviews: Justice League vs. Suicide Squad



Two of DC Comics most high profile teams come head to head in JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD.  This cross over event written by Tim Seeley, Rob Williams, and Joshua Williamson is now available in a beautiful over sized hard cover edition that includes JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD #1-6, SUICIDE SQUAD #8-10 and JUSTICE LEAGUE #12-13.  Amanda Waller’s Task Force X has been operating under the radar for years but now the Justice League has come to shut them down.  What ensues is a fight for the ages and the return of a third player, Maxwell Lord, who seeks to play both sides against each other while pursuing his own sinister objective.

This cross over event is the first in the Rebirth era and I think it delivered on all levels.  Justice League and Suicide Squad are the two biggest properties in DC Comic right now both on the page and on the big screen and this hardcover is a perfectly collected multi part story that brings them both together.  I know that not everyone loved the Suicide Squad movie but I think characters were all fun to watch and that is the same team you will find in the book, especially Harley Quinn who is given plenty of room to shine in this cross over.  JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD also features the return of the classic Amanda “The Wall” Waller and she is just as ruthless and cunning as she was before that mess that was the New52.  Spoilers are a odd subject when you consider how long ago the single issues were on the shelf but without giving too much away we do see a return of the original Suicide Squad under the command of Maxwell Lord, a villain who caused a whole lot of problems for Superman and The League back before Flashpoint and his return is a welcome one.

There are a large amount of artists in this collection including Jason Fabok, Christian Duce Fernandez, Giuseppe Cafaro, Howard Porter, Robson Rocha, Fernando Pasarin, Jesús Merino, Tony S. Daniel, and Riley Rossmo.  While the list might be diverse it does not have a detrimental effect on the storytelling as the overall style remains consistent.  As far as event books go I think JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD is one that all DC fans should have in their collection.  The sheer size of the cast is great, the art is consistently solid, and it marks the return of a major villain from DC’s past and I am not talking about Maxwell Lord.  This series also dovetails nicely into the new Justice League of America series by Steve Orlando with a touching renaissance of new fan favorite Caitlyn Snow as a reformed Killer Frost.

The JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD hardcover is an absolute steal at only $29.99 so check it out the next time you are at World’s Coolest Comics and pick it up for yourself.

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