World’s Coolest Reviews: Jimmy’s Bastards #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Jimmy's Bastards #1



It seems Garth Ennis has delivered yet another hit for Aftershock Comics with the release of JIMMY’S BASTARDS #1. James Regent is Britain’s number one super spy. He is Ennis’ take on James Bond complete with a license to kill, a way with women, and the bravado to match. After foiling a terrorist attack on the Queen Regent is assigned a new partner, one who is not exactly enamored with his ways. While Jimmy is enjoying the finer things in life there is a plot brewing to see him undone. Apparently spending 30 years as a womanizer results in a horde of fatherless children who want nothing more than to see super spy James Regent taken down.

JIMMY’S BASTARDS #1 is a fun satirical comic with tongue firmly placed in cheek. Jimmy is everything the modern thought policing politically correct crowd hates. He is brash, impulsive, tells it how it is, loves women, and regrets nothing. Ennis gleefully pokes fun at concepts like safe spaces and micro aggressions and to me that is hilarious. There is also some smart writing here that makes Regent less of a cliche and more of a reality check. Yes he is a womanizer but he is not sexist and while he discusses the impact of race with his new partner he is not a racist. Again Ennis is taking the new trend of wide swath labeling against any idea some would find uncomfortable and turning it back on them. I think it is brilliant and a breath of fresh air with a heavy sarcastic twist.

The pencils by Russ Braun are really solid with some great action pieces and an eye for subtlety in Jimmy’s facial expressions. This comic skirts the line on the way it tackles real issues and there is just something about the way Braun draws Jimmy’s face that lets the reader know he is in on the joke. If you are part of the professionally offended crowd this book is not for you unless you just want to read it and go scream on tumblr about it. For anyone else with an eye for irony and a sense of humor this is a great read that you will enjoy. For Garth Ennis fans it is a slam dunk!

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